That Week Just Gone

So you know last week I fell and hurt my arm?

Well it seems I have Tendonitis in my shoulder, which basically means…

All offers of wine, chocolate and sympathy gratefully received.

Adulting fail

I may have made a mistake on the way to the walk in centre in that I had an oat bar. Seriously, you see in order to go in you need to basically reassure them you dont have covid.

Fair enough.

After waiting in an empty waiting area, I get into see the nurse, at that point a stray oat from the earlier oat bar slides down and starts to get stuck in my throat.

Prompting dry sounding coughs, and me apologising, and offering an ever long explanation that I dont have covid, but I’m just a failing adult who obviously cant eat breakfast bars properly. As well as obvious struggles with putting one foot in front of the other.

Quote of the week

“Can you hear me now?”

Small One – While appearing to play as someone on a zoom call, and finding themselves stuck  on mute..

Something different…

A blast from the video editing past….

Still annoyed at The Government

This week?


Between text messages sent to Boris from Dyson, and the Tories threatening to eat themselves (with help from Dominic Cummings)?

Can anyone pass the popcorn?

Anyway, I think I’ve made it to the end without leaving myself open to jokes about one handed typing…

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