That Week Just Gone

Well. This week has mostly been me at home. Trying out and then complaining about fancy exercises given to me by a physio person.

What can go wrong? (Apart from a gazebo collapsing from the hail)

Adulting fail

So… My physio appointment.

Its a video appointment, so quite safe – no poking allowed – and I’m being asked a load of questions.

How did I fall… what was I doing… that sort of thing…

She then starts assuring me that if I wanted to go out running again, that would be fine. Confused for a moment, I replayed the conversation in my head… that I fell when out with my daughter, and we started running…

She thought I was “runner”, and not in the “knowing what button to press when the mission goes wrong in watchdogs” kinda running.

Its fine I didn’t correct her right?

And no… dont start suggesting I go running – again…

Quote of the week

“Take your trousers off!”

Me. Loudly. Outside a kids playground. (In my defence, when my friend put his waterproof trousers on, it seemed to make the rain clouds go away)

Something different…

Still annoyed at The Government

This week?

Lets face it, watching the UK Government at the moment, its a little sad.

But, if Boris is being hung out to dry – what are we not meant to be talking about?

Anyway, I think I’ve made it to the end without leaving myself open to jokes about one handed typing…

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