That Week Just Gone

Its wet outside.

So therefore we’re inside, watching Mary Poppins, and I can’t help but help but sympathise with the dad just a little bit…

Adulting fail

I suggested I booked a table at the pub. For various reasons… I didn’t.

When we get there: “Yeah sorry, we’re fully booked… but you can sit outside”


Quote of The Week

Who will win? Darth Vader or Super Girl?

Small one – Coming downstairs to ask. 30 minutes after I thought she was asleep.

Something different…

Still annoyed at The Government

Its another one of those weeks where its easy to say yes and be done with it.

On one hand we’ve got a Tory pile on the BBC for some (quite massive) issues from decades ago, but nothing about how the tabloids of the time reported about Princess Di.

On another hand we’ve also got denials from Patel about No 10 pursuing a covid herd immunity policy… But didn’t Boris Johnson say something about “taking it on the chin”?

We’ve also got the 10p plastic increase, which I cant feel isn’t going to be noticed by anyone with money.

But hey, at least we’re looking forward to opening up the country more… why should we care about those “areas of concern”, and case numbers slowly ticking up…

It just still all feels a little 2020…

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