That Week Just Gone


Should come with a health warning.

“Warning: Having at least one child could lead to some sort of dependence on various pain killers.”

Thinking about it, that would probably the end of the human race if we did that, perhaps there’s a reason why we talk about the nice stuff of parenting, it lures unsuspecting people into a false sense of security, and therefore ensures the future of the human race.

Perhaps, the pressure to present ourselves well on Social Media is, in fact, there to save us all?

Adulting fail

Does anyone else fail to open a box of medicine the right way around? And not have all the pesky safety stuff in the way?

Each and everytime?

Something different…

One for the Doctor Who fans…

Still annoyed at The Government

With an increase in cases in different parts of the country, amid talks of “opening up”, its feeling a little 2020 out there. But hey.

At least reliable things like being able to vote in elections aren’t being made more complicated.


I figured this was… suitable to go here….

Time to encourage a small child to go outside… in more than just pyjamas

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