That Week Just Gone

Well. On a week where covid cases seem to be increasing again.

My number of in person meetings seemed to have increased.

Thank goodness for the vaccine, but still… I kinda feel all a bit doomsayer about it all.

Adulting fail

So. I left the house to get on the other side of the city, I didn’t have alot of petrol, but figured I had enough to get there, and gently, carefully ride to the nearby petrol station.

There’s a train crossing on route. Obviously I got caught there, because of course I would when late, and running low on petrol.

I get there, the people I wanted weren’t, I left.

Going back on my bike, and its like the crossing saw me coming. Closing the barriers in time for me to approach. (Dont play on train lines kids)

Anxiety slowly building over my engine slowly burning fuel I may or may not have, I turn the engine off.

Ten hours later, I realise the barriers have gone back up, panicking I turn the key and hit the ignition button.

Actually that was the indicator.

I then hit the horn.

I then hit the ignition.

Looking up in time to see the barrier supervisor guy looking at me like I’ve spilt his first lockdown pint.

Quote of The Week


Small one – At bedtime. Trying Delay Technique#2093

Something different…

Why didn’t anyone tell me that this guy was on Youtube…

Still annoyed at The Government

It seems Michael Gove would put bets on restrictions lifting on 21st June.

Dominic or no Dominic. This government is still terrible at communications.

Now sing with me… Hugh… Hugh… What you gonna do…

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