That Week Just Gone

Anyone else remember the days that children was tired after a week at school?

Yeah I miss that.

Adulting fail

Mental Note. Have SOME level of awareness when throwing pain killers in your mouth.

Quote of The Week

“I’ll just chop you in half with this I’ve made – and its a read one”

Small one – Showing herself to be a little Sith.

Something different…

When The Doctor and Riversong go on a date…

Still annoyed at The Government

In response to what feels like at least a decades worth of cuts to education, and requests for help with extra resources, ability to have better quality learning in smaller groups, and a chance to have a greater concentration on Wellbeing.

It seems the government are keen on keeping kids in school longer.

Lets not give the kids a higher quality education, but lets really knacker the little ones out. In fact lets just keep the kids at their desks over lunch break. Get them scoffing down a sandwich between verbs, adverbs, and adjectives. That will really set them up for life.

At least we’re taking a stand against corruption…



But at least we’re all happy with how we now have control of our borders… and thats all working out fine.

Oh… Wait…

I feel I could go on, but that would drive me into the arms of the bottle of wine in the kitchen.

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