That Week Just Gone

Hang on. Its basically July.

July 2021.

When did that happen? I’m sure Boris was telling us to all stay at home just yesterday?

Adulting fail

You know that feeling when you go out, grab food, and feel terrible afterwards?

Two weekends in a row?

Its like my body is trying to tell me something. But you know… I’m already intolerant to gluten, what else can my body end up hating?

Quote of The Week

“You are a doughnut. A real doughnut”

Small one – Upset about the concept of bedtime.

Something different…

A moment from kids TV of the past.

Written by Russel T Davies, Dark Season is basically modern Doctor Who, without… Doctor Who. Infact I’ve not done the googling, but I’m sure they had the same person who did the music for 80s Doctor Who, also do the music for this.

Still annoyed at The Government

Well… first there was this…

Then there’s…

Then there was this…

Its like there’s something we’re not meant to be thinking about?

Next week: It might be July

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