In The Defence of Homer Simpson: Life on the fast lane.

Inspired by a Church Sermon that said “don’t be like Homer Simpson”, I started watching The Simpsons to decide. Is Homer Simpson really that bad? Here’s an attempt at forming a defence based on “Life on the fast lane”. Otherwise known as “The episode of The Simpsons when Homer gives Marge a bowling ball”.

Episode quality wise – its no Telltale head, and it is one of the ones where people remember Homer for giving a truly stupid present. BUT two things here:

The thing that really seems to make a difference here is Homer complimenting his wife.


All the adults are idiots at times in this one. (To Homers credit, he really tries to keep it together in front of his kids here)

So. No. Homer isn’t the only idiot here.

You could argue he’s in good company.

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