That Week Just Gone

Welcome to July,

The sun is shining, covid is going away, and the small one is compelling me to play “Schools”.

I, on the other hand, just want to stare into space, and think about making coffee

Adulting fail

I may have made it through the week, without doing anything stupid.

Just dont go into the kitchen.

Its not pretty.

Quote of The Week

“Daddy, can you play that game again?”

Small one – Wondering if she can make bedtime last longer by convincing me to play computer games. Turns out, as a ploy, it works well..

Something different…

A moment from kids TV of the past – and now on Netflix….

Still annoyed at The Government

So. It turns out, that the only way to get sacked from this government is to involve a massive security risk, and have that video leaked to The Sun.

After a few days of Boris not being sure if he got rid of Hancock or not, we got to find out what the new health secretary would be like…

It seems that when talking about the last “restriction date”, Sajid Javid has told MPs that ministers “see no reason to go beyond” that “target date”. Good to know Covid has agreed to a cease fire right?

And yes I know not as many people are dying from it – which must feel like great bloody comfort for grieving families – but it still doesn’t sound like covid is a thing you want to catch.

For what its worth, the British Medical Association reckon some “Covid measures” should remain in place, but well… if the government listen or not is another story.

I would also say some about how reports of children needing to self isolate from school, and the rumours around ditching of “school bubbles” – and talk of mobile phone bans suggests that the education department doesn’t know what they are doing – but that would suggest its noteworthy, where its sounding like just another day ending in “y”

But at least its bloody July.

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