That Week Just Gone

Dear kids,

July 2021.

Otherwise known as the month when the government stuck its fingers in its ears, cried lalalala – I’m not listening, and decided to ignore a pandemic.

Adulting fail

I went to the dentist this week. (Win… That I actually went)

I may have accidentally complimented how comfortable the dentist chair was. Out loud.

In my defence, after a few months of having to take a sore shoulder into bed, the chair did feel very… nice.

Quote of The Week

“Daddy, I can imagine you there, kicking the ball”

Small one – Mildly over estimating my footballing abilities while watching the Denmark game….

Something different…

Still annoyed at The Government

It seems a motorhome got wedged in a narrow Cornish road last weekend. According to Cornwall live “Signs in the area read “No car park at Hemmick Beach” and “Unsuitable for wide vehicles”.”

Why do I mention this?

Why do I mention this here?

Because it seems the government are shifting policy to push the blame on the public, to encourage common sense in regards to Covid restrictions.

It almost as if they are sticking their fingers in their ears, closing theirs eyes, shouting “lalalala”, and hoping the burning house will sort itself out.

At least the test and trace app isn’t going to be played around with smoke alarms haven’t had the batteries taken out…. right? That would be ridiculous, right?


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