That Week Just Gone

I don’t care, I’m English, and because I’m English, its like a birth right which allows me to say this.

Its far too bloody hot.

Which I guess is better then it pouring down with rain, and Boris screwing around with “freedom day”, at least we want to be outside at the moment.

Adulting fail

Almost forgetting to book a parents evening in is totally normal right?

A last minute booking is fine right?

Forgetting about that last minute booking, and not doing the parents evening at all? Thats fine. Right?

Quote of The Week

“Explorers! Stop!”

Small one – taking charge, a lot, while wondering around Killerton.

Something different…

With mild spoilers for Loki…

Still annoyed at The Government

So it seems its “freedom day” on Monday.

The day that the government appears to give up caring about stopping spread of covid, and passes that “individual responsibility” on to us, seems to be approaching.


The same “us” who isn’t above pulling our trousers down and sticking a flare up our ass, just because England have reached a football final.

But Nadhim Zahawi (the vaccine minister has) said “The guidelines will be very clear on things like mask-wearing. There’s an expectation of people to wear masks indoors, in crowded places, on public transport.”

Also, the Health Secretary Sajid Javid told the Sunday Telegraph anyone who would not wear a mask in an enclosed space was “just being irresponsible”. (bbc news)

So thats clear.

Do what you want, but we’ll ask you nicely do things a certain way, but give no legal push in that direction.


But hey! Good news, it seems that some of the the international community reckon we could be world beating in our handling of covid.

Thats good right? (No seriously. Click the bloody link)


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