Summer Activities for Kids Around Exeter, Devon

Hello and welcome to The Summer Holidays,

That delightful time of year when we wonder how we’re going to ensure the little darlings have “a truly magical summer”, have an interesting enough time to stop us from going mad.

Here are a few ideas for Summer Holiday activities in Devon.


Either in the sea – obviously – or an organised swimming lesson for a few days during the week. Our small one has gone along to Jane Hushon’s SwimDevon before, and had loads of fun! (And no this isn’t an advert or anything!)

Go see Mr Stink – outside

Killerton are hosting a couple of outside theatre events this summer, including Mr Stink, which I imagine is suited for an outside performance. Dont forget to bring a blanket or a chair or something…


Go for an explore. Find Geocaches. Or not.
Download the app here.

Pokemon Go

A bit like Geocaching, in that you take a phone out with you, but if you find the right pub spot… you dont need to keep walking…

Look out for Cathedral Roof Top Tours

I can’t find it advertised now, but the photos from the top of Exeter Cathedral look AMAZING. Worth a hike up there if you get a chance.

Orange Elephant

Gorgeous ice cream in the heart of Devon. With play equipment, a maize maze, and the orange elephant slide!

Dartmoor / Exmoor

Because from those places you can see the beach.

No that’s a stupid reason.

But they are both beautiful, and loads of places to check out, if they place you’re going to is busy, you can go somewhere else amazing really easily.


Actually don’t go there. Everyone is going to be there.


Because when all else fails,

There is Star Wars.

Any suggestions you would add? Please leave them below.

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