Gluten Free Places To Eat in Devon

One thing about Devon, is that we don’t just do beaches, pretty towns, and moor – we also do food. Devon does food really well, and if you’re Gluten Free, there are indeed places for you to get Gluten Free food in Devon.

Here’s my list so far, of where to eat Gluten Free in Devon:

(This list has already been updated a couple of times, like eating anywhere – its always worth double checking before making a special trip)

Gluten Free Pub / Cafe Food

Double Locks – This is one of the places to go, even if you’re not eating. A pub on the canal in Exeter, huge pub garden, good amount of local cider, with gluten options on the menu. And you can even have an experience getting there! (The bridge to get there seems a little tight to unsuspecting car drivers)

The Pig & Pallet – Like meat? You’ll like this place. On a previous visit, the guy serving argued against why anyone would want to put gluten in their sausages. Making feel that these guys know what they’re on about.

Heart of Oak – Decent pub in Pinhoe, outskirts of Exeter. Burgers be good stuff, with a plentiful supply of local cider to wash it down.

Charlies Cafe – I have to admit, I’ve not been to this Barnstable based cafe. But go their page, see the Gluten Free pasties, and you’ll see why I want to go next time I’m in the neighbourhood! (Looks like they also sell loads of other gluten free things to eat).

Oggy Oggy Pasties – On the subject of pasties, if you’re passing The Oggy Oggy in Exeter and fancy a pasty, give them a go! (The one in Exeter always has loads). Actually – side note – if you’re passing any and fancy one, it could be worth going in and asking on the off chance they have one – the answer might be no, but at least they’ll have someone asking?

The Snug – This place in Whipton, Exeter, does THE breakfasts to start your day with. With a super flexible approach to diet requirements, I’ve heard talk about weightwatchers, and vegans also being catered for.

Pizza Express – Because good gluten free pizza is hard to come by…

Fish and Chips

Quite a few chippies seem to do a “gluten free evening” once a week, but if you just want to rock up and order a cod and chips, I’d suggest:

Smart Fish Bar – found in Exwick, Exeter

Proper Fish and Chip Co. – They have two branches, one in Cranbrook, the other in Exmouth.

Which is obviously ideal if you want chips by the sea!

Fancy a Cream Tea?

Just make sure you put cream on first….

Eat on The Green

National Trust – basically it seems always worth checking if they have gluten free scones where ever you end up.

I’m sure there are many places I’ve forgotten. If they’re worth while to check out – please feel free to add to them below!

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