That Week Just Gone

Another week of the Summer Holidays down.

Another week of Boris rule down.

Another week with two massive reasons to explore the wine section at Aldi.

Adulting fail

I’ve been sensible this week!

I think…

Well apart from that whole late night classic Doctor Who marathon thing – that was a little late.

Quote of The Week

“LET ME NAP!!!!”

Small one. The day after spending the night at granny and grandads.

Something different?

Looking for something to entertain a football mad kid?

This looks fun…

Geocache Update

Geocaches looked for: 4

Geocaches found: 1

Mostly due to “someone” needing the loo after finding the first one that we put effort into…

Still annoyed at The Government

I sometimes feel sorry for government ministers, there are a lot of things to think about.

You know, things like needing to replace phones before they are searched for evidence about government contracts, remembering that 612 domestic flights might seem a tad excessive – for anyone – particularly if climate is meant to be “your remit”, oh and finding money for flags?

It seems there is no magic money tree, but £163,000 for FLAGS?

No problem for the poor souls…

Next week. I’m another week closer to old age…

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