That Week Just Gone

Another week done.

Another week nearer my holiday.

One week left in fact.

Not like I’m counting down or anything

Adulting fail

Aside from being one half of a meeting where we couldn’t decide on where we wanted to meet next week, I’ve been well behaved.

Apart from still exchanging classic Doctor Who for sleep. (Thanks Britbox)

Quote of The Week

“I like rainbow road”

Small one. (If you know. you know.)

Something different?

When ALL the kids cartoons of late 80s / early 90s unite to convince a guy to give up drugs…

Still annoyed at The Government

And this week we have another edition of “Have we learnt anything?”

Remember last year when it was all, get back to the office, and buy nasty sandwiches because capitalism needs you? The new technique seems to be to cut peoples wages… because that will teach them to work as hard as they have been for the last 18 months – but for less wages?

But I guess that makes sense as Downing Street seemed to be ok at spending nearly £100,000 on paintings.

Pay people for working their off in the same way that they have done in the last 18 months?

No chance.

Feed starving kids?

Well – they don’t vote anyway?

Keep benefits at the same level?

Well the chances are they dont vote Tory anyway…

New paintings for Boris? Yes – we can find a flipping money tree for that.

Next week. I’m going to be nearly old.

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