That Week Just Gone

Well – that holiday. It was good.

I’m now old, and almost settled on my mid life crises, but that holiday… I kinda want another week

Adulting fail

So there I am painting the shed, reaching up, aiming to paint the frame around the roof, and trying to avoid paint falling on my face. I duck out the way as a drip falls down.

Then I brushed again.

And looked up.

In time to see the drip fall into my eye.

Thankfully it seems I didn’t go all 28 days later on people, but man alive did it sting!

(Yes I was wearing glasses)

Quote of The Week

“Why can’t I nap?”

Small one

Something different?

Geocache Update

Geocaches looked for: 1

Geocaches found: 1

100% success!

Still annoyed at The Government


Well according to Devon Live…

“Enhanced response measures are set to be put in place across the South West due to high rates of Covid-19.

While no extra restrictions will be put in place, from Friday, measures will be rolled out which will help with support measures for education settings and increased national communications support, clearly outlining the continued risks of Covid-19 and the need to take personal action, such as the wearing of face masks and social distancing.

The response will last for five weeks – but a review will be conducted at week four to determine whether the automatic roll off at week five is appropriate, or if there is a case for re-escalation of further measures.

A letter written by Nadine Dorries and sent to the regions MPs states that following discussions with officials in the relevant South West local authorities they will be identifying the appropriate interventions and will start deploying the enhanced response area measures.

And it states that while the Prime Minister has said we want the whole country to move out of and remain out of these restrictions together, they are trusting people to be responsible and to act with caution and common sense, as they have done throughout this pandemic, and to make decisions about how best to protect themselves and their loved ones, informed by the risks – with a warning that if it doesn’t happen, measures could be ‘re-escalated’.”

Devon Live

So… is this enhanced measures such as… Asking people nicely to wear masks? Asking people nicely to social distance? How is this different? I saw somewhere that there could be more resource from the national test and trace… if thats the case – why the hell isn’t that the case anyway? (I thought it was “world beating”?)

It seems we should be acting with caution… but isn’t it now legal to have have things and go to music festivals? And… you know… for people to come here on holiday? Which you know… great for a broken economy – but that really does help covid spread.

This is also the government that have been encouraging people back to the office…


And. It looks like there is a warning that if we dont make responsible decisions ” measures could be ‘re-escalated’.”

So. Everyone is doing what they are allowed to do – but its our fault?


Next week. I guess the lockdown countdown starts here?

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