Things to know before a Devon Holiday

Coming to Devon on holiday? GREAT! Thanks for coming! Here are a few things to know to make your stay in Devon run… a little… more smoothly…

  1. Planning on going to Dartmoor? (Which you should.) Bring clothes for many seasons. You may need all of them.
  2. If you decide to go climbing on Dartmoor, ensure any shoulder injury has calmed down first.
  3. Buying chips 10 seconds away from the seafront? This is lesson in why people bring sandwiches.
  4. If you’re not sure which route you should take, take the motorway. Most people there don’t know where they are going either.
  5. Yeah the transport links suck. Sorry about that. I’m not sure if anyone is doing anything about it.
  6. Devon does pubs. We do good pubs. You don’t need to go to Wetherspoons.
  7. Yes the GPS says to go that way. We agree. Lets also agree to pay attention to the width of your vehicle in respect to space between buildings.
  8. Reckon you might need to get somewhere early? The car park is probably already full by then.
  9. How to drive with your caravan attached.
  10. Its cream first.

Enjoy your stay.

We are quite nice really.

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