That Week Just Gone

Dearest September,

I’m sorry, but what in the name of all that’s good and beautiful gave you permission to have a heatwave in September?


Between the heat and my body wanting to press all the right IBS related buttons, I’ve barely slept. (Which – you’ll be able to tell if you listen to next weeks episode of Skill Check – the gaming podcast,* because I get very very grumpy at Sega for releasing a broken version of Sonic.)

Best Guess At Next Lockdown

Two weeks ago, I commented. Jokingly, that the countdown to the next lockdown has started.

In the last week, the government have said there will be no October Lockdown.

So, Early November then?

Adulting fail

Whose got two thumbs and has let his MOT expire?


I guess its back on my push bike for me…

Something different?

I feel so ready to feel let down again…

Still annoyed at The Government

Two things…

There are reports of great leadership from the Education Minister…

Then there is also this…

But you know…

Lets just talk about immigrants. Or something…

At least the rich are being taxed more to help us all out right?

*Yes this is a cheap plug.,.

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