That Week Just Gone

Oh September,

That magical time of pumpkins, hot chocolate (possibly with baileys), and hearing about kids needing to get tested for Covid.

Its a magical flipping time.

Best Guess At Next Lockdown

Well. Booster jabs are being offered to some, and (according to my last trip to the supermarket), I seemed to miss the memo saying that the pandemic is over.

Possibly November?

Adulting fail

It seems when you’re getting over tendonitis in your shoulder, going cycling (for the first time in ages), is a stupid, stupid idea.

Also. Ouch.

Something different?

Still annoyed at The Government


I mean. Wow.

Perhaps its the cabinet reshuffle? Perhaps its the Brexit announcement?

But I cant help but feel the Tories are trying to push us back in time?

Yes Brexit has started, yes it seems to be creating chaos, but on supermarket shelves, and staffing all over the place, but lets not try and fix that!

Lets push us back in time by reintroducing imperial measurements? Which according to Google is 1965… I wonder what the average age of a Tory voter is?

Thank you Boris, at least we’ll have the bloody blue passports, crown signs on pints, and “clearly British TV shows“.

Its ok, at least the new minister in charge of the tech industry and data protection, has never got into trouble over cyber security.

Oh. Wait.


Next week: We have a birthday to organise. Wish us luck.

*Yes this is a cheap plug.,.

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