Who Will Be the Next 007? Looking at the world of CBeebies for the next James Bond

Daniel Craig’s time with the license to kill is over. So who should be the next James Bond?

James Bond Will Return. But who will play him? While the internet is filled with sensible articles featuring the names “Tom Hardy”, and “Henry Cavill”, I wondered. What if the producers of James Bond decided to go family friendly, and look in the direction of CBeebies?

Who from the world of CBeebies / CBBC would make a good James Bond?

Here’s my suggestions.

Duggee from…. Hey Duggee.

Because well.

The Tux

Andy Day from… “Andy’s….”

I mean what else do you call his collection of shows? They all start “Andy’s”.

And that is my point.

This guy has had adventures with animals, time travels, and secret hideouts. I’m fairly certain he was also Captain Hook.

As well as “Andy and the band”

The guy is basically a walking talking disguise. perfect for a spy right?

Surely its a matter of time until he has a spy adventure?

Mr Tumble from… “Mr Tumble”


He would get Spectre smiling by the end of the movie.

Or we would all die.

We would probably all die.

But at least we might be smiling at the craziness of it all.

Bandit Heeler from Bluey

Because if he can be that cool.

Because if he can be that open to introducing Bluey to as much as the world as possible.

Because if he can THAT calm in the supermarket.

He can do almost anything.

And in the words of Mrs M, “He is pretty awesome”

With honourable mention to Agent O from The Odd Squad

Not as James Bond.

No, I think its well established that James Bond does not regenerate into a woman.

But as M?

Could work?

Who would you suggest as the next James Bond?

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