That Week Just Gone.


Half Term.

Its been survived.

Aside from a minor public nuisance issue outside the room I was recording a podcast in, it was “fine”. The good news is, the house is going to smell like pumpkin for months.

I don’t think thats going to get old.

On an unrelated note, is it possible to home brew pumpkin cider?

Best Guess At Next Lockdown

With cases still high – Whats the betting there will be a lockdown before other things such as… masks and working from home advised?

Quote of The Week

Choose A pumpkin (please – for the love of all that’s beautiful – choose)?

Me.. (To her credit, there were a lot of pumpkins)

Adulting fail

When on a bike, know where the floor is when you put your foot down.

Particularly if you’re turning around on a steep hill. (Because at best, you end up slamming you leg down, stretching all available muscles in order to avoid being involved in a traffic accident involving. Just you)

Something Different

Well, this looks fun…

Still annoyed at The Government

Well. In a week where the government realised they might need to give a crap about poo in the sea, and perform some sort of U – bend of a u turn, I’m going to pass your attention to the opening comments from this Huffington Post article.

Downing Street may be ignoring calls for stricter measures but there are a few things you can do to avoid catching and spreading the virus.

Basically saying, Downing Street appears to be ignoring whats happening. So here’s what you can do instead…

And that was published before this little gem from the Independent saying that the R number is now above 1.

Oh… wasn’t there a report that said something like the government was far to slow to respond in the past? I wonder if anyone in Downing Street gave a damn about that?

Next Week: I’ll be probably still be pondering what on earth is the “Metaverse”

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