That Week Just Gone



Well its November, and I am totally coming down with a cold. Which is fine. It happens. Normally when I get a cold it also means coughing…

So I guess this means I will eventually either have to turn into a hermit, or walk around with a big badge saying “I have asthma, coughing is basically how I say ‘hello'”

At least Animal Crossing version 2 has been released this week – Its ok to let that help with child care right?

Best Guess At Next Lockdown

With cases still high – Whats the betting there will be a lockdown before other things such as… masks and working from home advised?

Quote of The Week

“Not that car. Its too frowny”

The Small One. (Who at first preferred the idea of us buying an older, more expensive car, with higher mileage – because it didn’t like its bloody face)

Adulting fail

Buying a new car.

No not that.

Even though I DID NOT ENJOY the running tally of yesterdays spending appearing in my phone, no.

What I should have done, was simply check I remembered my bank cards pin number – BEFORE I walked into the car showroom.

Ideally before I arrived I guess.

Still annoyed at The Government

One rule for them, another for us plebs right?

Next Week: I’ll probably be wanting that badge.

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