That Week Just Gone

One week on, Animal Crossing is still taking care of looking after the child.

Thats ok parenting right?

Best Guess At Next Lockdown

Well cases are still high.

But no one seems to care these days.

And apparently we’re doing better than Europe.

Good job we’ve got travel restrictions and stuff right?

Quote of The Week

“Coffee. Why do you need coffee?”

The Small One. (Who will one day learn)

Something different

Adulting fail


Just my body.

Intermittent shoulderness, combined with varicose veins, and then flat feet possibly knackering up my legs so I winced whenever I put my legs into particular positions.

Yeah turning down the lift and riding my scooter over to get my booster jab.

That was stupid.

And ouch.

Still annoyed at The Government

The political of the week must belong to Boris Johnson who said, apparently quite out the blue in the press conference, that “The Uk is not remotely a corrupt country”.

Changing rules to prevent one of their own to get into trouble?

“The Uk is not remotely a corrupt country”.

Earning more money from your second job then being a MP?

“The Uk is not remotely a corrupt country”.

Given your mates covid contracts?

“The Uk is not remotely a corrupt country”.

Perhaps he’s right.

Perhaps its not the UK that’s corrupt?

Next Week: Its nearly the holidays right?

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