That week Just Gone

After last weeks leg pain, it turns out I have sciatica.

And you know what?

Its rubbish.

Both to say and to have.

Best Guess At Next Lockdown

In a week where Boris held an almost March 2020 style press conference, and basically said “vaccines vaccines vaccines – get the booster”…

Next week?

Quote of The Week

“We have to be careful about this”

Andrew Rosindell, talking about stopping MPs having a second job.

Something different

I dont know why but seems I had this gif saved in my Facebook…

Can anyone out there remind me why?

Adulting fail

So, there I was wondering out the dark car park when I realised it had been a little breezy on my bike… [The remains of this story has been censored and left to your imagination]

Still annoyed at The Government

After a decade plus of cuts to welfare, services, and people have campaigned to ensure kids dont go hungry. One Tory MP has appealed for caution before cuts are brought in…

Next Week: Its a little closer to the holidays…

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