That Week Just Gone


Still rubbish.

Best Guess At Next Lockdown


The New Omicron variant has reached Europe.

Yes. A variant, obviously so bad, the name has taken inspiration from The Transformers, and not one of the good guys.

So… based on how the Kent variant went down…

Two days before Christmas?

Quote of The Week

“I could crush your brain with one swipe of my hand

Small One. Being Charming.

Something different

Well. I’ve not had a chance to watch all of it…


Guess who is back…

Adulting fail


I’ve found the best thing with it, is to keep moving.

Which obviously becomes an issue when you’re sitting through a sermon during a funeral.

But that’s ok, because I had a plan to perch myself towards the back of the hall so I could move around if needed – and not make a big deal out of it.

Obviously I forgot about that plan until I was sat down, near the front, and therefore any movement away would have looked like evidence of some minor emotional family drama.

No problems until after the sermon, as I stood up for the last song, it felt like my back, hips, and legs had aged a number of years, and as a result figured I should take advantage of the song, and stretch a little bit.

Before I know it, I’m there in the middle of a funeral, swaying away, almost swing your pants style.

As soon as I realise how inappropriate that probably looked, I stopped, and started grinning inanely.

During a funeral.

As soon as I realised how inappropriate grinning inanely during a funeral was… I started grinning some more.

This was one of of those moment, when I was thankful for a pandemic, more accurately, the pandemic meaning I had my mask covering my stupid, mistimed grinning face.

Still annoyed at The Government

After skipping out on a bunch of meetings about pandemic, questions over how covid has been handled, questions, over contracts have been dealt with, kids going hungry, and second jobs.

It sounds like The Tories are fed up with Boris.

Not because of any of the above, but because he messed up a speech.

Do the The Tories know how bloody on brand that is?

But that doesn’t matter.

I’m going to nip out and steal something for fun,

Because the Doctor is not a guy…

James Bond is such a great role model…

Next Week: I’ll be waiting for MPs to be positive male role models.

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