That Week Just Gone


Better than before.

But still.

Really bloody distracting.

Best Guess At Next Lockdown

Well. This new Omicron variant then?


Quote of The Week

“This is the way”

Small One. Working out a new way to get my attention at bedtime.

Something different

I keep arguing that the Church should pay more attention to gaming…

Adulting fail

The phone notification comes through.

I sigh… realising that my phone is basically giving me a heads up that its going to rain, just in time for the school run.

Obviously I dashed out at school run time leaving the coat and umbrella in the warm dry house…

Still annoyed at The Government

Health advisors say cut down socialising.

MPs say, get to the Christmas party, snog whoever you like.

Perhaps Downing Street are hoping we’ll all be too drunk to care that they had Christmas parties last year?

Next Week: I’ll still be waiting for MPs to be positive male role models.

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