That Week Just Gone

Mentally stumbling, dazed and confused, I fall into the weekend, with the Christmas holiday in sight.

Thats going to be peaceful, right?


Well perhaps next Friday might be peaceful when I get a sneaky day off work whilst small one is at school..? I mean, that wont be all about Christmas presents and stuff… right?

Best Guess At Next Lockdown

Directly relative to parties at 10 Downing Street?

Quote of The Week

“Let me wash your hair”

Small One. Speaking to me. Just after Mummy had asked her to find pyjamas.

Something different

Adulting fail

Working from home is mostly great.

I mean its a two way thing.

I dont sit in a traffic queue.

Work normally gets me working during that time instead. (Because what else I’m I going to do, apart from sit around waiting for 9am – that doesn’t sound like fun – but anyway)

Win, win.

I mean, probably sucks for my bike a little bit.

Sitting there, not knowing when I’m using it to get to work.

The thing is, because its so random. Where I put my keys ends up random.

When we tidy the house up the weekend before, it becomes even more random.

I mean, after I get my bike jacket and helmet on, why the heck wouldn’t I look for my keys hanging off a random door knob, thats already got a tone of necklaces, aprons, and other stuff hanging off it?

Why wouldn’t I?

Still annoyed at The Government

I swear, at one point during the press conference on Wednesday they were saying “Just because we’re rubbish, it doesn’t mean you can’t be better”.

Which is true.

But normally you expect your leaders to be better.

I mean what if,

WHAT IF Plan B was announced a week ago?

We might be treating this all a little more seriously.

And it wouldn’t look Plan B is a distraction for… well… this…

Its ok folks, Downing Street have cancelled their Christmas Party this year, due to Covid concerns. But we should totally go out and drink together.

I wonder what Plan C will be there to distract us from?

I have nothing against non pharmaceutical interventions at all, but it would be nice if the people managing it were a little better at managing it right?

Not all a little…

Masks off, masks on,

Work from home, dont work from home.

Save Pret… dont save Pret etc…

A few years ago, this would form the basis for a political comedy.

Sadly, its nothing but a crap comedy, with a clown in charge.

Next Week: I’ll still be waiting for our country’s leaders to be better. But at least I’ll be on holiday. So I might have more alcohol in me.

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