That Week Just Gone

At the time of writing, I am:

87% Wine.

25% Chocolate

15% Cheese

53% Cider.

Maths is also on holiday, but you know.

When you’re dealing with kids post Christmas, you need to expect a high percentage of wine right?

Oh. And by the time this is published, I guess Happy New Year

Best Guess At Next Lockdown

Lockdown? Nah.

Quicker to list who’s not had bloody covid at this rate?


Adulting Fail of The Week

Isn’t Christmas one big adulting fail anyway?

I mean its the time of the year that putting the bin out on the right day, (without spying on your neighbours), is considered a bigger win then normal.

The late night streaming sessions – that’s game streaming sessions…. are possibly not the most sensible thing for the sleep pattern… but you know… (Yes this is a cheap plug for anyone on Twitch to come and find me).

Quote of The Week


Yes. Minecraft has arrived in the house. No I don’t know how it works.

Something different

Still annoyed at The Government

Boris goes on news.

Tells everyone to get tested.

England runs out of tests.

Thanks goodness for Wales bailing us out… at least a little.

Next Week: Back to work… I’m allowed to drink cider at work right? What if I said please?

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