That Week Just Gone

Its January.


Bloody January.

I miss living off the cheese and wine.

In fact, the small one pretending to be a cat is again motivating me to get wine.

And cheese.

But mostly wine.

Best Guess At Next Lockdown

Nah, there wont be. At least not until every NHS worker has had a nervous breakdown.

While Boris watches.

Adulting Fail of The Week

Dear Neighbours.

Thank you, for putting the bins out, and therefore giving us a subtle hint to do so ourselves as well.


Quote of The Week

“Sleep now?”

Small One. When she is meant to be waking up for school. Sensible money is on her waking up before 7 over the weekend.

Something different

Have you heard about that statue in Bristol that was thrown into the river during the BLM protests?

They were found Not Guilty of criminal damage, and in the light of questionable comments from some parts of the media, The Secret Barrister has broken down the law surrounding the case.

Still annoyed at The Government

In a country going nuts with Covid.

Various industries struggling as a result.

Cost of living going up.

Energy prices going up.

Services being stretched. (Futher)

Mental Health support disappearing.

What the hell is our government talking about?

Next Week: I’m going to drink wine. All. The. Time.

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