That Week Just Gone.

Oh. My. Word.
Normally this would be a collection of silly things I’ve done in that week just gone, mixed in with stuff the nine year old has mentioned, as well as any thoughts, feelings, and mildly snarky rants about how I feel the clowns in power are doing at managing the crazy that is a pandemic.

Lets face it.

Its probably best to admit that that last bit, thats just going to take over this week.

So. Lets embrace it.

Lets rewind back a few weeks.

Allegra Stratton quits Downing Street after video is released showing her nervously laughing at a question about a Downing Street Christmas party. (That she didn’t attend)

Fast forward to this week, and its like…

Was there a night when they weren’t all getting pissed?

Perhaps it would be easier to list the nights when there wasn’t a party?

Lets remember, this was during a time when people were working out how far away from their homes they could go, how many people they could meet up, and well – how to do social occasions.

How to do life.

It wasn’t easy, but so many people did it.

It wasn’t easy, people had to say their final goodbyes through facetime, cards, and phone calls.

People did it, to keep others safe.

What did they Tory government do.

They partied.

Now they’ve been caught, and the excuses are almost worse.

“I didn’t realise it was a party.”

How many work gatherings involve bringing a bottle of alcohol? Because if thats the norm, I need a new job NOW.

“There wasn’t a law about going in the back garden.”

And now,

Its the rules that were too harsh…

If thats the case, whats going to happen with the people who were fined for having parties? (Example 1 and 2)

Are they going to have their fines written off?

Or, are the rules hard to follow because the staff at Downing Street got caught?

And finally…

With the ministers gathering around to defend the Prime Minister, Nadine Dorries, the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport explained that the Chancellor hadn’t yet yet defended the Prime Minister was because…

of Devon’s “not great” Wi-Fi connection.

Thats right.

The Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport reckons we all use jungle drums and smoke signals.

And we dont have good enough wifi for flippin twitter.

Sigh… Normal service resumes next week.


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