That Week Just Gone

When I started this little regular feature thing, it was mostly a “AHHHH PARENTING DURING COVID IS HARD”.

But since then…

I guess I’m saying if a month could go by, without either the UK government being stupid, something terrible covid related, or something terrible happening on the world stage… that would be nice.

Also. Picking up on last week.

I’m still terrible at setting alarms to remind me to take my inhaler.

Adulting Fail of The Week

There we are taking part in a community litter pick next to a school, when the holiday club decides to do a thing outside, basically playtime.

During which one of the kids wonder up on the other side of the school fence, and start asking what we’re doing.

Then a few more.

Until one of them turns to another and says “you shouldn’t be talking to stangers”. Smart kid.

There was a little conversation about how one of them knew our own small child who was with us, the insinuation being that we were, therefore fine.

The thing is, at this point, we had realised our own small one had abandoned both friends, and parents, and disappeared into a side tree, continuing on her quest to improve the planet.

Leaving the picture of how the situation looked, very much looking like two random adults, hanging out with random kids.

We figured that was our time to move somewhere else.


Quote of The Week

“Is this your youtube channel”

Small Ones friend coming to all sorts of conclusions up on seeing my streaming set up. (Feel free to follow on Twitch though!)

Adulting Fail of The Week 2

When you’re rushing to catch the train. (Yes I was actually catching a train for the first time for years!)

Check to make sure the train you’re rushing for isn’t cancelled… before you buy a ticket…

Geocaching Scores of The Week

Number Looked For: 1

Number found: 1

WOOO!!! I mean, it was designed to be easy, and we were basically on top of it… but still…

Still annoyed at The Government

I could write about how during a cost of living crises, DURING a pandemic, the government is going to start charging people to ensure they’re not carrying a virus that can make people either quite ill for a while, quite ill for a long while, or quite dead.

But I may implode with rage over my inabilty to do anything about it, (apart from encourage people to not shop at Boots), so here’s a link to This Week in Tory.

It might help my blood pressure.


At this rate.

In a few years time, I’ll probably have to give money to one of Boris’ mates to have that checked.

Next week: Its… back to work. On Tuesday anyway.

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