That Week Just Gone

Well. Back to work after half term…

Whiskey goes with coffee right?

Adulting Fail of The Week

Last day of half term holiday Me: I dont need to do anything practical. I’m fine. Petrol can be done tomorrow…

First Day back at work: “oh s…” as the petrol station I pull in on the way to work has a sign saying “no unleaded”

Quote of The Week

“Have you seen boobies tv?”

I don’t know why this was said… I might have stopped paying attention.


Does anyone else remember the days when Supermarket shelves were full, and you could get petrol from the petrol station?

Geocaching Scores of The Week

Number Looked For: 1

Number found: 1

When you’re at the woods with the grandparents, you find at least a geocache… when you know where it is anyway…

Still annoyed at The Government


Next week: I will probably sigh…. once or twice…

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