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In the past I’ve mentioned a gaming podcast, basically a positive gaming podcast that myself and a friend at work ran. After he decided to leave work, we also decided to keep going at the podcast thing.

The GeeKast podcast is what it looks like. A positive look at playing, watching, and hearing about in geek culture.

Is The New Doctor Strange Suitable For Kids? GeeKast

We talk violence in the new Doctor Strange movie, basically – is it suitable for kids? Why is Doctor Strange getting mixed reviews?  We chat if Doctor Strange is building towards something.  Gaming wise we chat Outriders, and Star Wars Tales from Galaxy Edge, And news… How can we not talk Doctor Who – particularly Ncuti Gatwa as the new Doctor! And no. Old school fans are not being left behind.  Find us on Facebook, on Instagram or Twitter. by searching @GeeKastUK    — Credits —   electronic-rock-king-around-here-15045 (1) Music by AlexGrohl from Pixabay  geovane-bruno-hello-world-4685 Music by geovanebruny from Pixabay
  1. Is The New Doctor Strange Suitable For Kids?
  2. Our delayed May4th Star Wars Special – Our favourite Star Wars moments
  3. Where we talk Critical Role, Fallen Order, and Doctor Who (trailer).
  4. Playing Stellaris and Mario Kart. While watching Moon Knight, and new Stranger Things.
  5. Finishing Elden Ring, Exploring Dathomir, and NEW MONKEY ISLAND!

Or Listen by clicking here

Like half of Twitter, Zacs been playing Elden Ring, Andys waving his arms around in Beat Saber, we talk Book of Boba Fett, and we announce who is the next Doctor Who. 

Also… sorry about the sound quality…

Find us on Facebook, here on Twitter. @GeeKastUK 

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