It appears that when you reach a certain age, your body will punish you if you try and carry your nine year old daughter too far.

Its like my body is punishing me for trying the low stress approach to parenting, and offering the tired soul a carry.

Adulting Fail of The Week

When you eat a biscuit, ninja like, in the kitchen, and drop a piece, and decide the three second rule applies. Make sure it the biscuit you put back in your mouth.

Random Thing of The Week

Still annoyed at The Government

Well. You know how the pandemic is over?

And that free testing is going away.

One of the grandparents now has covid, which he realised an hour before we were due to see them because he tested.

I wonder how this would have gone down with no free tests?

While I realise that the tests do cost money – from an economic stand point I wonder if its just going to cost more overall if more people are getting sick?

Next week: I will probably sigh…. once or twice… again…

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