That Week Just Gone

I’m going to blame IBS, but this has been a very weird week with one or two fails.

Adulting Fail of The Week

No I didn’t leave my work phone out in the garden over night.

I wouldn’t do that. (Its working fine btw, or I never would have mentioned it)

And no, you went out on your moped while leaving a neck scarf hanging off the side. (How it did’n’t fall off – I have no idea)

Quote of The Week

Feel all the pains Daddy. Feel them.

Small One – attempting some dark poetry. Loudly. Outside.

Random Thing of The Week

Oh my sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Still annoyed at The Government


Against the background of the Russia war, and the cost of living crises, we’re being hit by example after example of great behaviour by those in government.

Example one. Eric Pickles, former Conservative cabinet minister – who was secretary for Housing, has provoked anger after telling the Grenfell Inquiry not to waste his time because he is “extremely busy”.

The Grenfell tower was a social housing based flat that went up in flames. Killing 72 people.

And he took an approach of it being beneath him.

Example 2. The government was to sell Channel 4. Leading to the question being asked. What do Tories like about this country? Because they seem to like selling the best bits…

Example 3. In a shock to no one. The Independent have found a number of examples of Boris Johnson lying to Parliament. (Reminder. If anyone in Parliament, and says “Excuse me sir, you’re a lying fool”, they would be asked to leave)

Example 4. And then there’s this.

Rishi Sunak. The dude that chose to tax people, not corporations.

The friendly Tory.

Who also seems like he’s a US citizen.

As well as whatever new revelation came out on any other day this week that ended in the letter Y.

The friendly Tory. Tipped to take over Boris Johnson.

I wonder who slipped the media all these stories about him, and I wonder why?

Next week: I will probably trying to find more ways to save money

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