That Week Just Gone

Another week,

Another week where we’re told to rescue the world by basing ourselves in offices in order to buy sandwiches and stuff.

Feels all a bit September 2020.

Adulting Fail of The Week

Lesson of the week.

When making a special trip somewhere, in order to use a mobile phone to open a door, ensure the mobile phone has charged properly.

Random Thing of The Week

Well… this is nice…

Still annoyed at The Government

One week in normal life, with a normal government thats about at least 6 months of rubbish right?

Rubbish like.

Budgeting advice moving on from “get a job” to “get a better job”. (Because thats easy?)

There’s also that thing about more junior members of staff getting fined for attending parties in Downing Street… while Boris is fine.

But thankfully theres at least this voice in London.

Next week: I will probably trying to find more ways to sigh.

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