That Week Just Gone

Dearest America,

Sort yourselves out.

Little kids have died.

If you’re happy to stop people having abortions by making abortions harder to obtain, why in the name of sanity can’t you make guns harder to obtain?

Adulting Fail of The Week

Work this week… “Oh that appointment people are early for? I remembered that…”

Random Thing of The Week

Well, if it has to be in my head. It needs to be in yours…

Still annoyed at The Government

Well. According to the government, the PM has apologised, and we should all move on.

And, obviously, any help to deal with the cost of living announced this week, has got nothing to do with stopping us from talking about #PartyGate.

And yes,

We can trust Boris.


Next week: Its half term. Anyone got any spare wine?

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