Lessons Learnt From Watching “Doctor Who”

You know when a conversation about one thing leads to another? That is the case here, with what we’ve learnt from watching “Doctor Who”.

After the mini heatwave earlier this week, we had the rain today, leading to a smell of petrichor floating though the house, we chatted about how Doctor Who taught us the word that means, “the smell of dust after rain”.

We wondered what other lessons there were in the world of Doctor Who.

Talking is good.

Listening is also good.

Christmas is cool. Like Bow Ties.

Work with where you are at

Do The Best You Can

The script for this scene. (Made in the late 80’s, featuring a monster that I swear would still stand up to todays effects)


DESTROYER: This world shall be mine. And then another, and another.
(Green explosions come out of the castle. The Brigadier walks in.)
DESTROYER: Ah, little man. What do you want of me?
BRIGADIER: Get off my world.

DESTROYER: Pitiful. Can this world do no better than you as their champion?
BRIGADIER: Probably. I just do the best I can.
(The Brigadier fires the silver rounds into the Destroyer’s exposed chest and the creature explodes.)

What is the name for the smell of dust after rain…

Be Kind

What would you add to the above?

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