That Week Just Gone

So, over the last week I picked up The Lego Star Wars on the switch. Which obviously means the small one plays it more than me.

She’s going to lose her mind when she realises she can change the playable character so she can play as the Bad Batch… and I think Ashoka.

Adulting Fail of The Week

A while back, I wrote about the struggle of opening a box of tablets, and NOT having to wrestle the paper instructions out the way.

This week, the tablet packet fought back, cutting my finger while we were multitasking getting the small one to school, getting me to work, while also perfecting time travel to get this all done in time.

Still annoyed at The Government

Another week.

Another week of the country turning into a fire of heck. All while Boris and co shout about how we shouldn’t ask for pay rises… I mean at this rate we’re all going to need pay rises in order to pay to travel to work.


Here’s the new prospective Tory MP in action, when she is asked about Boris Johnsons conduct…

Next week: This week was very short, I might do something more interesting next week.

Or I might just drink cheap wine.

Time will tell…

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