That Week Just Gone


Thats another 2 weekends / 3 weeks. As well as a small matter of the earth burning, there’s also been sports days, parking tickets, and pretend covid…

Adulting Fail of The Week

Yeah. Thats right.

Surrounded by people at work coming down with covid, I got ill, but it was more like this weird flu thing with some covid type weirdness.

No matter how hard I tried – I couldn’t get a positive covid result. (For avoidance of doubt, obviously I avoided people for a while)

Random Thing Online

Still annoyed at The Government

Well the partying PM has said he intends to go. (Only after a load of his Ministers have sensed its time to finally have questions about their boss)

He’s still there, apparently he just cant go until he’s finished his parties (or something).

The bad news is that his potential replacements wouldn’t look out of place in some sort of league of evil. But then… just this week a “Conservative MP has claimed that people taking precautions during the heatwave are “snowflakes” and “cowards”.

Next week: Next week, its the summer holidays. So there might be some more wine drank.

And finding other places to work…

Good luck all.

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