That Week Just Gone

Hey check it out.

This is two in two weeks. It’s like something approaching some sort of life rhythm is being rediscovered, or something? (He says trying to ignore the stuff he hasn’t yet done)

Adulting Fail of The Week

No I haven’t paid that parking ticket yet.

In my defence, the council website doesn’t connect with PayPal, meaning that I need to have my bank card at the same place as me and the computer.

I’ll do it after I’m done here.


Quote of the week

Please stop singing. Your singing is as terrifying as a monkey singing on vines… Its true!

The Small One.

Random Thing Online

Geocaching Score of The Week

Geocaches searched for:1

Geocaches found: 0

Apparently its there.

Other people can find it.

But I’ve got a weird feeling we need wellies.

Still annoyed at The Government

Whilst the government has the appearance of arguing over who would be the least terrible option to lead the country, our zombified ruling party appears to be watching as things get more and more expensive. Against the continuing backdrop of playing “dodge the covid”.


Maybe we should just cake?

mmmm cake.

Next week: I imagine there will be more complaints about Daddy working.


Good luck all.

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