That Week Just Gone

Once upon a time this was about parenting during a pandemic.*

Now, this little regular blog post seems to be around parenting while the Tory party looks after their banker friends. (Mental note to not misspell that). At least its more predictable than an actual plague.

(*And yes I know we’re technically still in a pandemic, and yes there are some experts out there worried about another wave – but according to the government we dont care about what experts have to say until we need to blame someone)

Adulting Fail of The Week

How many times have you ordered the wrong thing from Amazon?

In one week?

More than once?

Just me?

Observation of The Week

Hosting a kids party?

Going to be interacting with a handful of kids for a few hours?

Gonna extrovert for a few hours?

Yeah I should have eaten breakfast.

Oddly good fun though.

Quote of the week

If you’re gonna break yourselves today, do it later when you’re back with your own parents.

Me. I don’t ask for much from kids.

Still annoyed at The Government

Last week I gave Liz Truss some credit for ensuring power bills didn’t go TOTALLY CRAZY high – making sure it remained at CRAZY high instead, and ensuring energy companies still make profits.

This week, her attempt at government have released its first mini budget, and saw the value of the pound drop in real time. While giving bankers and other people on loads of money access to… more money.

And – plans to create “investment zones” that basically means that anything can be built anywhere has got the RSPB asking supporters to write to their MPs.


Not a union.

Not a student organisation.

Not Channel 4.

Not some lefty charity.


Next week: Lets see what burns next week.

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