Google Stadia Closing Down

RIP Google Stadia.

If you’re not sure what Google Stadia is / was, it was basically Netflix for games. Yeap, like Netflix, allows you to watch movies online, Stadia – the same with gaming.

It had problems, but it worked nicely – and was an easy way to play games without needing the Switch. (State of the wifi depending).

There was new stuff being announced for it. (Including new games coming out over the next few months), but Google – apparently the board – has decided to close it.

I guess I’m gutted as the small one also enjoyed watching / playing Fallen Order on something that wasn’t the PC.

The challenge now is to see how many games we can finish between now and January when the stadia apocalypse is due.

Anyway. I worked this into the gaming podcast at work.

I may… have had feelings about it.

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