That Week Just Gone

Welcome to October, and winter is kicking in.

And here in the UK we’re playing a game of “Will there be a new member of the Tory Party before we turn the heating on?”

(Apparently the Tory party has to wait a year before they can vote on how terrible the current leader is?)

Adulting Fail of The Week

Guess who forgot to renew his MOT?

Guess who’s still not done it after a week of cycling on rental bikes?

Got to admit though. Cycle paths are nicer than the traffic around here…

Quote of the week

***** **** **** ****!!!!

Me. When I’m cycling on the main road…

Still annoyed at The Government


Just when you think the government can’t possibly do anything worse.

Liz Truss goes on radio.

Next week: Lets see what burns next week.

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