That Week Just Gone

Well. Its Christmas. I mean its not yet, but Its Christmas holiday season.

And obviously this means the weather becomes less winter, more really flipping wet.

The front roof starts to let water in.

The cold from last week meets the damp on my chest… * cue coughing sounds*… NO I DONT HAVE BLOODY COVID.

And the child is full of energy.

Its the most wonderful time of the year…

Adulting Fail of The Week

“I can hear dripping in the front room, but its ok darling, I’m sure its just condensation”

Thing of the week

Join me on the elephant.

Ok. So Twitter is on fire right now. Basically Elon took over and appeared to set metaphorical fires around the place. Come say hi to me on Mastodon here – confused by it all? This link is your friend to read first.

Still annoyed at The Government

Energy prices going mad.

Food prices going mad.

Raining in doors. (That could just be us).

Going around the house moaning about the place looking like Blackpool illuminations.

Draft excluders coming back like its the 80’s

And what do the government do?


Next Week. I’ll probably drink wine and forget about the elf. Again.

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