That Week Just Gone

Well. Its the first weekend of December.

The Tree is up.

Its past bed time, and the child is being ridiculous.

But at least yesterdays School Fair had a bar.

Adulting Fail of The Week

Picture the scene.
Mate from work whatsapps me to ask if he could borrow my work keys.

I’m like No problem. He’s obviously in a bind, needs help, besides, I get that warm feeling of being a helpful, sensible, mature person.

He wrestles through the traffic to get here.

I reach for my keys. There are no keys.

PTSD style flashbacks emerge featuring me, in the office, putting the keys down in the most random of random places.

Obviously locking me out of the office, and showing myself to not be the helpful, sensible, mature person.

At least the feeling was good when it lasted.

Thing of the week

How does it feel to die in a permadeath game after 5 years.

Still annoyed at The Government

Struggling with price of energy?

Making life choices based on how less energy will be used?

Shocked at the price of all your food shop?



Next Week. Lets face it. Its the last sensible work week. Good luck all.

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