That Week Just Gone

If you’re reading this. Well Done.

No not for reading this, why would I say Well done for that?

Well done for getting through Christmas!

Adulting Fail of The Week

“I’m sure I should be able to hit you from anywhere”

Now. Context is everything right? Shouting that out at a few kids, in the middle of a play park, surrounded by mature adults probably wasn’t the time. In my defence, I was being a fire breathing sea monster at the time, but that might not have been what everyone gathered…

Thing of the week

So we completed Jedi Fallen Order for the second time this week…

Join me on the elephant.

Ok. So Twitter is on fire right now. Basically Elon took over and appeared to set metaphorical fires around the place. Come say hi to me on Mastodon here – confused by it all? This link is your friend to read first.

Still annoyed at The Government

Apparently China is getting hit hard by Covid again.

It seems that a number of countries are enforcing testing on people when they arrive from China.

Apparently the UK Government doesn’t want to do this… In fact, the decision to do it or not, now seems to be “under review”.

IS ANYONE ELSE GETTING SERIOUS 2020 VIBES AT THIS????????????????????????????????

Next Week. Happy new year???

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