That Week Just Gone

And just like that its 2023.

Back when I first started writing this regular little thing, we had recently had a Christmas where loads of people were ill, we were fairly sure the government were making things up as we went along, and were concerned about China.

If anyone would like to let me know where progress has happened, I’d love to find out…

Adulting Fail of The Week

Who would buy a console game before checking if you can play it on your console?

In unrelated news, I’ve been looking at XBox 360’s alot this week…

Join me on the elephant.

Ok. So Twitter is on fire right now. Basically Elon took over and appeared to set metaphorical fires around the place. Come say hi to me on Mastodon here – confused by it all? This link is your friend to read first.

Still annoyed at The Government

Picture this.

Its recommended you try not to get ill.

If you get ill, hopefully you can make your own way to hospital. (Because Ambulances are screwed, bus’s have barely been running for years, and good luck getting a train).

If you get to the hospital you have a 9 day waiting time to be seen by the receptionist.

If you get a train, be thankful there is a human to speak to on board because… well progress means we apparently dont want people keeping us safe on trains.

If you have money to send stuff in the post, dont do it via Royal Mail.

Teachers are leaving Teaching.


What does the guy in charge do?

Just get everyone 18 and under doing more bloody maths!

Thank you Simon Pegg for your response.

Next Week. I might drink more wine.

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