That Week Just Gone

Oh hello blog. Hello February.

Hello writing this on a Monday?

Whats going on?

Adulting Fail of The Week

Ok. So I love the co-bike thing. But… its not always perfect, and well I finally got myself motivated to book a test ride of an ebike, get myself to Halfords. Realised I didn’t want to give the bike back… you know the sort of normalish hoops you jump through to get a new bike.

Now. Its important to note the bikes are kept on the first floor, and well, the concept of carrying my new pride and joy downstairs seemed like a one way ticket to laying, broken on the bottom of the stairs, with a broken bike on top of me.

So I took the lift.

Lifting the bike up against the wall, I squeezed in.


Held down the button for the ground floor, only to realise the the wall I balanced the bike on – was actually the outside of the lift. So I lifted the front up of the wall, holding down the button of the slowest lift known to man kind.

Got to the end, just to realise that the exit, was on the other side of the bike, and really far out of my reach.

The look of pity on the staff members face as he came over to help, still haunts me in my dreams.

Join me on the elephant.

Ok. So Twitter is on fire right now. Basically Elon took over and appeared to set metaphorical fires around the place. Come say hi to me on Mastodon here – confused by it all? This link is your friend to read first.

Still annoyed at The Government


When you didn’t think they could do anything more shocking, they put Lee Anderson in a position within the Tory Party. You know, the guy that reckons “meals could be made for about 30p a day”.

Sounds like another great way to get us talking about people, not the mess of everything.

Next Week. Well its half term.

Good luck all.

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