That Week Just Gone

So this is 2023.

Feels a bit like 2019.

Except we have less money, half of Exeter has been turned into a bloody great big park, and there’s yet another covid variant.

Called Kraken.

As in release the…

Adulting Fail of The Week

Friday Me: “Yeap, I’ve started journaling, its meant to be a good thing to do to look at yourself”

Sunday Me: “I guess there’s always next year?”

Join me on the elephant.

Ok. So Twitter is on fire right now. Basically Elon took over and appeared to set metaphorical fires around the place. Come say hi to me on Mastodon here – confused by it all? This link is your friend to read first.

Still annoyed at The Government


Wondered how interesting a Tory weekend can be?

Three stories that have appeared just over this weekend.

Story one. The tale of PPE.

Yeap back when I first started writing this regular thing, it was about surviving lock downs and stuff. Part of that was going… oh my days… PPE.

One of the organisations that brought PPE was Clipper Logistics at the small sum of 11 million. It seems that the stuff they got hold was basically crap.

Instead of giving the money back or anything sensible, it appears they are now being paid to burn it.

Yeap. They’re being paid to burn the crap stuff they were paid for in the first place.

And yeap. There is a Tory donor involved in all this. (Check out the mirror for more)

Story Two. Return of Boris.

Lovely chap.

Struggling for money? Be a mate of Boris, and you plus 23 mates can be taken out for £4,445 worth of food and booze.

Its ok. The Tax payer will pay.

Lovely chap.

Story Three. Tories. Be Tories.

You know that argument about how people should pay tax?

It seems that one of the many chancellors we’ve had recently has has to come to an agreement with HMRC to pay a lump sum.

Sorry – its over at The Sun. So you might not want to click this link – but may prefer to google “Nadhim Zahaw” instead.

Next Week. I might start working on ways to meet and befriend Boris. If he pays that money for people to have food, he might be able to give me money to leave the lights on or something.

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